Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blog Under Renovation!!!

This blog is going to be under renovation till new year . Even though you can access all the posts and information in the blog,you will be seeing so many experimental changes in the pages.We will soon get back to you with a better designed blog.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3 changes of online advertising industry happened in last year

   In this article i'm going to talk about some of the programs i reviewed earlier.They later changed their identity by changing brand name or some other company took over them or they changed their rules and conditions.

1.Context web is Pulsepoint now

  One of the most popular advertising and ad publishing website was took over by Pulsepoint .The Pulsepoint is a broader platform.The change was good and it didn't effected in anyway the earnings number of impressions of the quality of ads i use to get from contextweb. Only change i felt was to find the login page in pulsepoint homepage is more time taking than the way i use to direct login to contextweb.But once you find it,just bookmark t and the problem is solved.

2.Topline turned into a Scam

   Topline is a website which pays you by replacing the ads in the websites you visit.Before they use to pay everyone equally and their 1000 points was equal to $1.But now they have not only changed those rates for most of the Asian countries ( 1000 points= $0.20 ),but they have almost stopped showing ads for those countries by saying  'advertisements are not available for your geographical locations'...!!!.It is completely unfair and i'm not happy with these changes made by 'jointopline'.They have suspended many accounts from Asian countries without paying the amount they earned, and it's a scam!!!

3.CPM.Biz is a scam

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) once i thought was the best alternative for google adsense tuned out to be a scam.they have too many redirects and it effects your traffic and loyal visitors and those others who comes to your page looking for the solution of their problems.It has one of the highest cpm rates i have ever came across.But unfortunately they won't pay.All the money you will see only on their website statistics.Its just virtual money.So my advice is don't join.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

10 Extreme Ways To Increase Your Online Profits

Dollars (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)
This is some information i found in the internet and i thought i should share this with my readers.So here it is,10 extreme ways to rocket launch your income.Credit goes to the original author who published this.

1. Advertise your web site with banner ads that are
animated and include a call to action. You must grab
people's attention and make them to click.

2. Use pop up windows or advertisements on your
web site. They grab your visitors attention because
they jump right out at them.

3. Buy internet business books, e-books, private site
memberships, etc. Study and learn all the new web
site promotional ideas you can.

4. Analyze all your promotional efforts. Concentrate
on the ones that work and drop the ones that don't
work. Don't waste your valuable time.

5. Get the most from each one of your visitors. Ask
them to subscribe to your e-zine, participate on your
message board, bookmark your site, etc.

6. Use text links if your banner ads are not pulling
traffic. People don't ignore text links as much as
they do banner ads.

7. Trade content with other ezine publishers or web
sites. This is a powerful and effective way to place
your links on other targeted web sites.

8. Keep your product available to your customers
at all times. If you have to backorder it, they may
end up canceling their order.

9. Use content on your web site so people can skim
through it easily. Most people have little time so try
using lists, short tips, short articles,etc

10 Add a message board or chat room to your web
site. If people enjoy it, they will revisit your web site
to participate regularly.

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About the Author:
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money online with affiliate programs. If you can follow 3
easy steps, you can get your own customized website,
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Traffic Swarm-The best web traffic exchange program

    You might have heard about so many traffic exchange programs by now,who promises web traffic to link which is provided by you.The traffic exchange ratio in some of those sites are 1:1 and in some it's 2:1.Today i'm going to tell you about a website which will literally surprise you by the way it works.Traffic Swarm is the best traffic exchange program i have ever used.

Traffic Light Tree
 (Photo credit: kizette)
      Let me tell you why Traffic Swarm is a different site from any other traffic exchange site.Once you create a small text ad with your link,it will take some time to get approved.Usually they approve almost every links except the ones with adult contents.Then you should go to the 'surf' page where advertisements of other people are located.When you click on any advertisement link you will get credits.Now the number of credits might be from 1 to 50 to 100 or any number.You will never know how much credit you are going to get when you click on a link.And if you complete 100 clicks a day you will get a surprise bonus gift of credits.It might be 10 or it might be 1000.i have received 1000 credits when i completed 100 clicks for the first time.You will get a surprise bonus on every 100,200 and 250 clicks.And you can choose from which part of the country you need traffic.This will boost up your earnings, by setting the country for which your advertising website will pay you more.

    And the best part is, joining this program is completely free.This can boost your website ranking because you will get quality web traffic from Traffic swarm.This can increase your revenue from the advertisements or any other revenue generating programs (which depends on web traffic) planted in your website or blog.And if you want extra traffic other than the free web traffic,you can pay and buy extra credits which will get you a lot of traffic.So what are you waiting for,click on the below link to register your free account.

Monday, October 29, 2012

All new Infolinks and new revenue generating ideas

    Infolinks is one of the the best in-text advertising solution for blogs and websites currently available in the online advertising market.I have experience more positive results with infolinks than any other in-text advertising programs.Now,recently infolinks completely redesigned their website and introduced some new revenue sections or platforms which will help you to generate more revenue from your website/blog.Let's have a look into them.


    Inframe ads are the ads which comes in the form of skyscrapper banners on both the sides of the web page.It uses the expanding width of widescreen monitors - the Infolinks's new In³ platform auto-detects when the browser window is wider than your web site and inserts banner ads that remain stationary as users scroll down your pages. It displays ads outside of your webpage frame so that your reader can read the page content without any problem.


       You can place InTag ads anywhere in your site.You can either select the location to display the ad manually or just select the option to choose the position automatically. Infolinks' algorithm analyses your page content and places the most valuable keywords as tags which is also relevant to your content.You can easily customize in-tag ads by just logging in to your account page in the infolinks website,so that it will match your web page's lay out.


      InSearch ads will be shown to the visitors who reaches your webpage through a search engine.It will be visible at the bottom of the page for some seconds and then it minimizes into a quiet headline. InSearch only appears when the visitor is reached your website after clicking on a search result. InSearch ads reduces the bounce rate of your webpage and thus increases the SEO value of your blog/website.


      InText ads are the most important and most revenue generating ad style of infolinks.It scans your content and marks the most valuable and relevant keywords in your article.You can completely customize the look of it and your readers will not feel much distracted.At the same time it will generate some good revenue for you.And the best part is you can use infolinks and Google Adsense together at the same website and it will increase your revenue more than 60%.Google Adsense and infolinks ads are one of the best combination.

    So what are you waiting for,do you have a text based website or blog or forum where people often visits in search of something?.Then this is the best thing for you.It's absolutely free to join and you can withdraw money through Paypal or eCheck or wire transfer.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Comment spammers will have low page rank!!!

   Before telling you about the ways to block spam comments,let me tell you about the negative impacts on the page ranks of this comment spammers.
  • According to new google search algorithm,if you are a spammer who leaves comments like "That's a very wonderful post.Now visit my page Link".Then Google is going to flag you and your webpage.And your Page rank will be reduced soon.
  • I agree it feels 'cool' to be anonymous in the web world but it's not that cool to post your spam link on every possible posts of every blogs in the internet.So from today on,you will get to comment on this blog only if you have a google ID.This decision was hard for us to take.But after getting more than 100 anonymous spam comments a day,what option do we have?.
  • Each and every comment posted by you will go through moderation and will not be published if found spamming and you might face permanent ban.

     Now let's see how many types of comment spams are there and how to block them.Not all spam comments includes spam links.Sometimes spam bots are just hunting for a vulnerable blog and once it's found the attack starts.Types of comment spam:
  1. Sometimes there are comments which is not in English and most probably it will be an unknown language with strange links attached to it.Let me get this straight,if they know how to read your english language (or any language) posts,they should know how to type and comment in the same language.So make sure you accept comments only in the language of your blog or website.If it's not,mark it as a spam.
  2. Then there are complimentary spam comments like,"great design" or "Great article" or "i loved this very much.I will bookmark this and will come to read it later.". These comments are more dangerous and makes your webpage looks less important or as a junk yard.If it's from 'anonymous' users,mark it as spam.
  3. Comments which are filled with links.Mostly these links will be leading to some spam sites.Ignore them and mark it as spam or delete them.
How to stop these spammers from attacking your web property.

New word captcha is a pain in the blog.

Comments can be a really good source of information and an efficient way of engaging a site's users in discussions. This valuable content should not be replaced by gibberish nonsense keywords and links. For this reason there are many ways of securing your application and disincentivizing spammers.
  • Disallow anonymous posting.
  • Use CAPTCHAs and other methods to prevent automated comment spamming.(Be really carefull while doing this.Because the new captcha system is a big headache and your readers may not like to waste their time on the guess the word games.We really won't recommend this unless you are really fed up of spammers.)
  • Turn on comment moderation.
  • Use the "nofollow" attribute for links in the comment field.
  • Disallow hyperlinks in comments.
  • Block comment pages using robots.txt or meta tags.
That's all for now folks.We really hope this post will be a solution for all your 'spam comment worries'.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Why is NeoBux still the best PTC ever?


     Now if you are someone who has been looking for ways to make money online,you might have heard about NeoBux. If not,you were wasting your time all these days. NeoBux is one of the most popular PTC program in the history of internet.I just recently started using Neobux,and its really awesome.Now lets see what makes NeoBux different than any other PTC websites or programs...

  • First reason i'm recommending Neobux for you is it actually pays.!.It is not like other fake programs or scams like or They never pays you.But Neobux does.
  • In NeoBux you will get paid through your papal or alertpay account(I strongly recommend paypal here).
  • Once you clicked on an ad and if you are browsing on another tab,the timer stops where it reached.Again when you come back to the tab it starts from the place where it paused.In programs like clixsense,timer always restarts.And you can browse in a different browser after clicking on an ad or you can watch a video in your computer.Only thing is you should not minimize the browser window where you opened neobux ad.
  • You actually don't have to add any direct referrals in neobux. There is something called 'Rented Referrals' which means you can rent referrals for a very cheap price.
  • Your payout is through paypal or alertpay and both of them are reputed online cash transaction websites.

How to earn $50-$100 from neobux daily?

English: Many dollar banknotes.
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
         The strategy i'm going to explain to you actually works.And it is the best strategy to make money from neobux. Main mistake people does in Neobux is once the minimum payout is reached they withdraw their money as fast as possible,just to see that the program is legit.It might be okay with other online money making programs.But it wont do any good in Neobux. Let's see what you should do step by step.

  1. First of all you should click on all advertisements daily.You will see the money increasing in your account cent by cent.For that install AdAlert plugin in your browser.Which is available at the bottom of the main page.It will alert you every time a new ad is available to click.
  2. Once you reach $1(You really don't have to wait for money to increase just by clicking ads.You can start to do mini jobs.Some of them pays really good.), go to the referrals and buy the $1 pack which will have 5 rented referrals.
  3. Once you rent referrals you should continue clicking on ads and you should never forget to click on orange color ad blocks.If you don't click the orange color ad blocks you won't get any money from your referrals.
  4. After 2 or 3 weeks go to rented referrals page and enable autopay. This will pay your rented referrals daily to keep their time extended for one more day. By doing this,instead of renewing them at the end of time period, you can save some money too.
  5. Minimum amount you need to rent a referral pack is $0.60.You will get 3 referrals through this.After the first pack keep adding this 60 cent packs whenever your balance exceeds $1.I'm saying $1 because we need a minimum amount in your account as a back up.
  6. At the same time try for direct referrals too.Put the banners in your blog or post the referral link in your facebook page on e-mail it to your close friends.The more the merrier.
  7. Once you reach 100 referrals you just have to click on orange ads a day and the money will starts to flow automatically.Then when your one day earnings reaches $50 you can start withdrawing money.Your first minimum payout will be $2.After that this will be increased by one dollar for every payout till it reaches the fixed minimum payout of $10.
Enjoy making some real money.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

When Tikona network cheats it's customers...

Tikona Digital Networks
Tikona Digital Networks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
     If you are living in India,you might have heard of  Tikona Digital Networks who is an Internet Service Provider.They are not so popular like Airtel or Reliance.But comparatively,you will be rarely unhappy with their network.Now we all knows that the business world is very big bad world where even if customer thinks he is getting the benefits,actually the company is the one who is looting the customer.This post is about one of those hidden cheat did by Tikona Digital Networks.

     I have a Tikona connection now and i took it only because they didn't have the Fare Usage Policy-FUP- (or that's what i thought) which means your speed will decrease after a certain amount of download.In the below screenshot from their website, it clearly shows that my plan ADULM1024 don't have any speed downgrade means i should get a constant 1 Mbps even if i download the whole internet(what a dream?!).

According to 23-09-2012. Link Here (click on the picture to see it in large size)

       But what actually happened is my speed decreased to around 400Kbps.And then i tried to contact customer care.The guy in the customer care...Wait.. i forgot to tell you the specialty of the Tikona customer care.Unlike Airtel or any other Customer Cares,the people who attend phone calls are just telephone operators.You can't blame them.They don't even have the power to change your e-mail ID or address even if you confirm your identity.For that you have to send an SMS which will cost you a minimum of Rs.3.(And it never works).So again you have to send the e-mail.It's frustrating when you wait for 30 minutes on hold to talk to the customer care guy and finally he tells you that he can't do anything on that and you have to send an SMS!!.

      Back to the topic,i contacted Customer care regarding the speed issue.I even argued it's in your website that i will have no speed decreasing or download limits.Then the guy tells me to scroll down the page and click on Terms& Conditions(tadaen....!).I clicked and he told me to check the 12th point.check the below screenshot.(click on the picture to see it in large size)

Captured on 23-09-2012.Link Here
   It was written that i have a 30GB monthly download limit.WTF??!!!. I was shocked to see how the network cheated me.And according to 13th point my speed might go down till 800Kbps(1:20 ratio).But i'm getting only 400Kbps.So now i'm thinking to put a case on them in consumer court for cheating customers by writing two different things in two different pages about the same plan.And i thought i will make a blog post out of it so that others don't get cheated like i did.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Earn money from online surveys!!

    Nowadays there are lots of ways to make money other than placing advertisements in your webpage.When you place an advertisement you have to wait for the traffic or if it is a PPC, you have to wait for people to click on it.Now let's see how to make some money online without creating a blog or without the help of others.

How to earn money without a blog?
Personal Finance
Sufficient for a week? (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

     To make money online without creating blog,there are lot of other ways too.I have mentioned some of them like MyBrowserCash and Topline in my earlier posts.Those two methods were mainly related to your browsing habits.But what if you are somebody who doesn't sit all the day in front of a computer browsing internet?.What if you can spend only half an hour a day for money making online? I have a solution for that too.That is through online surveys.Let me tell you about one of the popular online survey site from which you can easily earn a minimum of 100$ a week.Maximum is up to you.

Get Cash For Simple Online Surveys

      Have you ever thought someone will pay you for just expressing your opinions?.No?.Then online surveys does just that.They will pay you a substantial amount of money in your own country's currency.So let me tell you about one of those websites who pays you and values your opinion.That is 'GetCashForSurveys'.
      It is one of the popular online survey site in the internet.You can earn more than 3000$ per month if you are ready to take all of their surveys.Payments will be paid through Paypal or through wire transfer(depending on your country).You can cash out in US dollars or your own country's currency format.No matter from which part of the world you are,or which language do you speak you can join and take their surveys.

     Once you Join they will start sending you 5-10 surveys a day.If you finish that you can earn some big bucks on first day itself.Apart from the surveys you can even review electronic products like Tablet computer,HD TV,High tech Blender and lots of other household products, before it reaches the market and you will get to keep them even after you submit your survey.Then what are you waiting for Visit and Join now itself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Exclusive Free E-book Give away contest for new visitors!!

    So here starts the give-away season again.This time it is an e-bbok which will show you more than 80 ways to make minimum100$ a day online..Finish the task given in the below widget and you could be the winner!!!.This time it is an exclusive give away for the new visitors who reaches here.Login below with your e-mail id or Facebook id and first 4 people to do that will get the book.a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Alternatives for Google Adwords, where you can use your clickbank links

Image representing Clickbank as depicted in Cr...
Image via CrunchBase
    I'm sure you might have heard about not,you must be living under a rock!!!.Let me make it clear first,google adwords doesn't allow you to promote clickbank affiliate links saying that most of the sites mentioned in clickbank is blacklisted even if the websites and products are genuine.

     Google is becoming evil day by day.Many Adsense and Adwords customers are upset because in many cases the customers lost their money and time.And google adsense has the worst customer service in the world.Many people might have already got banned from google adsense.You will get a lifetime ban from Google Adwords too if you keep applying to create that 'not acceptable' ads.I tried to create some text ads for my click bank account and my two ads were disapproved because it contained copyrighted words 'Mac' and 'Apple'.(I feel sorry about the fruit vendors who tried to advertise through Google adwords with words like 'Get fresh Apples and Oranges at your nearest outlet' :P).
      Google is becoming unbelievably grumpy!!.They rejected another ad because the ad contained two words 'TV' and 'Online'..!!!.So i figured out some other advertising websites which is far far better than Google Adwords.Let me share them with you.

Google Adwords Alternatives

1.Ad Brite 
  • You can target by Keywords,countries and even gender.
  • You can see and manage all the sites which displays your ads
2.Ad Market Place
  • More than 450 million ad opportunities a day
  • Detailed and expert account management
  • Reach the people all over the world
  • Only 100$ minimum deposit.
  • Rate starts from 0.01$ per URL
  • One of the most popular PPC program
  • 800M+ monthly impressions
  • Most used advertising platform after Google
5.Pulse 360
  • Sponsored link running campaign starts from just 50$
  • Your ads will be shown on reputed high traffic sites such as MSNBC,NBCSports, ,etc.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Watch TV through SatelliteDirect™-No Monthly Fee!!!

   You might have reached this article through an online search about how to watch TV online without  paying huge monthly subscription fee.Let me tell you about something i came across recently.It's the best online TV watching experience i had.There are lots of plus points for this thing comparing to other online tv schemes.

       Let me explain about some of those.SatelliteDirect™ is a software which will help you to watch more than 3,500 TV channels worldwide right over the Internet.You can enjoy more channels than your cable and satellite TV combined.There is no monthly subscription fees unlike your Cable or Satellite TV.

        It is so easy that you actually don't need a satellite dish and receiver or any other device to use this awesome software which will give you 3500 TV channels from all over the world. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Simply download the software and you are ready to enjoy over 3,500 channels worldwide.That too for lifetime unlimited!!! .

     You can watch TV right from your laptop or desktop computer anytime or anywhere in the world. Or connect your computer directly to your TV set.Don't know how?.That is also not a problem.They will show you how once you create your account!!!.
   Let me tell you some more awesome facts before stopping.
  • There is no bandwidth limits
  • There is no monthly subscription fee
  • Service available 24/7 for lifetime
  • It is now available for Mac™ systems too.
  • Easy 1,2,3 steps of installation.
  • Available for anywhere in the world.
So what are you waiting for?? Try it today itself.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Topline turned out to be a scam!!!

     Check out the update below the post before reading the whole article.Save your time.
           You might have read about mybrowsercash by now.If not,read it now.My browser cash pays for clicking on their pop ads while you do your regular browsing.And they pay you like crazy.You don't have to wait for others to click on your ads,you don't have to wait for the fraction of cents to become 0.1$.You can easily make more money than any other PTC program.
     Now,what if i will tell you you don't even have to click on anything and you just need to do your regular browsing and you will earn money for that??!!.That is how Topline works.Let me explain how this thing works.Once you create an account,you have to download a browser add-on for your regular browser.You will get the installation instructions from the website itself and it is very easy.Once it's installed visit any web page which has banner ads.And wait for a second or two,and just like magic topline will replace the banner ads of that page with their ads.

      If you click on the topline add-on icon on your browser,you can see the statistics of your earnings.You have options to disable the add-on if required.And you can even cash out directly by clicking on button in add-on menu.You can cash out through Paypal or through a check or through wire transfer.The earning rate may be less than  mybrowsercash. So if you are signing up don't forget to visit webpages with lots of ads on a regular basis.All the best.


Topline stopped services in so many countries and suspended everyone's accounts and didn't payed anybody in those countries.So Ultimately TopLine is a SCAM!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to calculate Google Page Rank?

     From the day Google started the page ranking idea,people has been thinking how to increase their Google page rank.And people search daily that how to check their page's page rank.Paste your site's url in the below box and click 'Check PR' button.Don't forget to click the 'back' button of the article to continue reading this article after checking your page rank.
Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:
This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service
    Google updates their page ranks 4 times a year.That means your website data will be updated in Google data base in every quarter.So if you did lot of SEO work and the result of your hard work is not visible,then it is not your mistake.It is because Google didn't updated your page rank yet.

Increasing Google Page Ranking(Google PR)

    Just like Alexa, Google also checks the link connections between your website/blog and other websites.And you should get a lot of organic traffic.Then only you will be visible to google's eyes.So it is important to increase the quality link building from popular sites like yahoo and google to your blog/website.Just like i told before don't expect to see the results next morning.Google updates the Page Ranking quarterly.So they will update four times a year.Keep that in mind and work towards it.Check out my previous article on how to increase web-traffic to your site and other tips n tricks for beginners in blogging.

Monday, July 23, 2012

3 Types Of PayPal Money Multiplier Scams

English: Logo of PayPal. EspaƱol: Logotipo de ...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  If you ever searched about Paypal in YouTube,you might have came across hundreds of videos which claims to help you making money by hacking to your PayPal account or by cheating the Paypal company itself.All i can say is there is no way you can make money out of thin air in PayPal by using the so called 'money multiplier software' provided by the up-loaders of the video.Lets see how these people make money by cheating you.

Cheat 1
      Many download links will lead you to a website where you will get to download the software.But the uploader gets money for each download of that file.Lets see a screen shot i took from one of those websites, which claims that it is the payment proof of money making from his 'paypal money generator software'.
Notice that he is getting or 'generating' $2.39 every time.

Now lets see another screen shot from the same page which was located almost at the bottom.

He is selling the so called software for $2.39.So thousands of stupid people will download the so called 'money making software'.And the uploader is getting money from the downloader.That payment proof is the proof that so many greedy people are stupid.He becomes rich instead of you,when you buy the software.He don't have a genuine proof to show you that his software can cheat paypal.

Cheat 2
    First of all 99% of the download links posted below  a YouTube video will lead you to a survey website(most often it's webpage will claim that you have to finish a survey to download the file.But when you finish any one of the survey it won't work.And there will be another message saying "if finishing a survey didn't lead you to the download page,try another one".In reality you will finish all 5 surveys and the guy who provided you the download link makes money.And if you are lucky(?) you will get the software.

Cheat 3
      Once you download the software before selecting how much money you need to be added to your Paypal account 'magically',you have to enter your Paypal ID and password in the software.And the videos says it is just for logging into your account.But the truth is once you enter all these details and press the 'enter' or 'send' or 'triple' or 'double' button,your Paypal ID and your password will be send to the person who created that magic software.And he will take all your money.In some videos the condition to increase your Paypal account balance is you should have a certain amount in your account.That means they will steal your money,and they don't want to waste their time by logging into empty accounts.

   So my advice is there is no way you can be rich overnight just by increasing your Paypal account by cheating Paypal.And even if you get that money into Paypal account,before you withdraw that money to your bank account,paypal will thoroughly check the source of the money.If they find anything suspicious,they will ban you.
Update : If you see the comment section you will see a netizen,probably another paypal fraud who got angry because of this artile.I'm glad my words has reached at the right place.

  Do you want to make money online genuinely?.Then you have to read one of my another post
.Click here to read it

Thursday, July 19, 2012

MyBrowserCash..Scam or Real??

             What if you can earn money from what you does as part of your daily life?.What if you can earn money while you just check your regular e-mails or facebook or twitter updates?..MyBroswerCash claims they just does that.They will pay you for clicking on their advertisements which pops up just when you do your regular daily dose of internet browsing.And yes,they are not a scam.

               Let me tell you in detail,how it works and what is the difference between mybrowsercash and other PTC(Payed To Click) money making programs.
            In most of the popular PTC programs you have to sign in or login to your account in their website daily and then only the site will show you the advertisements in which you have to click.But in MyBrowserCash,once you create the account MyBrowserCash will provide a small software which you should install in your computer.You will get options once you right click on the dollar sign($) on the right side of the taskbar(in Windows PC ).With that option,you can choose the frequency of ads you want to see.Another advantage is you can enable and disable ads anytime you want.It's really easy.And if this browser add-on or software doesn't work,you can always log in to and click on ads like you does in Neobux or any other PTC websites.

        MyBrowserCash is not a scam.The best part about MyBrowserCash is you can withdraw your cash through paypal also,unlike many other money making websites who does business only with Alertpay/Payza.Payza payment is a big headache for people from countries like India and China.So this is the easiest PTC program so far i have tried.
       In this PTC also,there is rental referrals through which you can make some extra money.And unlike other PTCs the average time which you have to wait after clicking on one link is just 3 seconds.(But you don't have to stay in that page for that 3 seconds.You can browse in other tabs,and when the time expires just click on any link on that page-if requires-and then just close the tab.)And if you are someone from western countries,you can easily make up to 25-30$ a day.So what are you waiting for?.If you love to browse and if you love to get paid for what you love to do,Join today and make your first 20$ within 24 hours,and its FREE!!!.

Update (05-10-2013)
MyBrowser cash has stopped paying and turned out to be a scam.So don't join in it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Earn 100$ Just by Signing Up. ! ! !

          What if i will say, you can earn 100$ just by signing up on  a website and generate up to 1000$  a month without doing almost nothing.?.Sign up today and invite a few friends to watch your launch group and potential earnings start growing. To learn more about launch groups, see how it works.It's quick, free and easy to join. Plus, it's fun to watch your launch group grow!.More your group grows more the money grows.If you join through any other referral also,there is nothing you can loose.It will just add you to a bigger group.The more bigger your group becomes,the more you earn.From the proofs submitted by people.They have earned up to 1000$/month.So what is there in trying.

  PrelaunchX (PLX) is a referral engine for websites, products and services. You can use their service for fun and profit whether you are an individual or a stakeholder in a company with a product, service or website you are working to promote.You could earn commissions up to $1000 per month with an active launch group. Invite a few friends and your launch group could possibly keep growing into the thousands – as friends invite friends, and so on.Let me explain through 3 simple steps how it works,

 1. Invite.- Sign up, invite your friends and your launch group begins to grow

2. Launch.- PLX aligns with companies preparing to launch products and services. When they launch with PLX  users are invited to participate.

3. Profit.- Your launch group is tracked from the start. You earn for every active member of your launch group.
How to get paid out ?(According to website)

The PLX forex account is owned and managed by Forex Firm X until their official launch. The managed forex account is linked to your PLX account with a unique anonymous identifier. When Forex Firm X officially launches on July-27-2012(according to the site), they will provide a special link for you to create a new forex trading account with Forex Firm X. When you do, Forex Firm X will transfer the whole money you earned in the managed account to your new forex trading account. Then you can withdraw it.So what are you  waiting for.There is no investment.So nothing to lose.
          You just need to sign up.Once you sign up, you can see your 100$ balance immediately.It's quick, free and easy to join. And, it's fun to watch your launch group grow!

Monday, July 9, 2012

'DNS Changer' Virus !!!.Is your computer infected?

"DNS Changer...Its A-L-I-V-E !!!"

    Recently you might be hearing about a virus called 'DNS Changer'. Data from FBI says it is infected billions of computers in the world and this might cause a mass internet connection problem all over the world on
09-07-2012. Many computers have been infected with the "DNS Changer" Virus. You might be wondering how to find out if your computer is attacked by this dangerous virus.Now, normal anti-virus programs cant detect these kind of virus programs.So to find out if your computer is infected, go to:

   If there is a green box around the ip sign, your computer is OK.You can stop worrying.But if the display box around the sign is red,then you need to remove the "DNS Changer" Virus from your computer immediately.
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